In Wallet Mining [Easy]


So you want to mine BitCash? Great!

It is Super easy with the built-in mining feature all you need is our windows wallet

1. Open your wallet and let it sync I recommend saying YES when asked if you want to use the bootstrap file. Especially if this the first time you have loaded the wallet this should speed up syncing of the blockchain.

2. In your wallet select Start mining [Upper Right]


3. On the next screen, you will see options for pool selection. 


You can use to make informed pool decisions for the health of the network we hope you choose a pool with a smaller % of the network.

4. You're Done, all you have to do now is Start the miner


5. You should see the animation start swinging his pickaxe and start mining for you.

Something for new miners to consider mining for anything less than 3 hours will not show rewards until the blocks have confirmed on the pool you selected. The recommended length of mining is at least 24 Hours.

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