Claiming via paper or online bills



If you're sent or given a bill this guide will show you how to claim it.


1. Download a QR reader app for your device (some phones native camera app work for this)

2. Scan the QR code highlighted in the red box


3. Copy the content from the QR app Note: Your QR app might only have an "open URL/Link" option if so open link and copy the URL from the address bar and proceed to the next step


4.  In your BitCash wallet, click the receive tab.  (Andriod wallet pictured) steps are the same for desktop wallets or web wallet.

Need a wallet? -



5. Paste the copied data from your QR app, in the space that says "Paste your link here"


6. Claim your BitCash, Just hit the Receive money button. If all went well you just claimed Bitcash from a bill.


If you have any questions please join us on discord

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