How To Create BitCash Paper Bills

How To Create BitCash Paper Bills

1. Go to Send you can choose to send BitCash or BitCash Dollar and Click “Print paper bills”.1_R6QxB8JEj5zlifDiLmkiBg.png

2. Select Your Bill Denomination: In Dollars or BitCash depending on what option you choose in step #1 and Click “Generate Bill”


3. Print paper BitCash Dollar bills. You can print a front side and a backside or save to image (the front side contains the QR code).


This will generate a bill with a QR code that contains a “send to anyone” link.

4. You can add a picture of your own face or logo right on the bill.

 Click, "Open a picture of your own face/logo"


 Select the image of your face/logo and click open


Print or save your bill to an image


Additionally, you can use ANY QR code reader for your mobile phone and use the link contained in the QR code to claim your BitCash.


We hope you enjoy this quirky new feature! Let us know below what you think!

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