BitCash Update by The Gem Hunters



BitCash ($BITC) Update by The Gem Hunters @gemshunters

We have stressed to our community that during this market we must buy fundamentally solid projects with hard-working experienced teams. We are particularly interested in proof of work over an extended period of time, as we can make sound decisions with factual evidence that the integrity of the project is going to serve the investors interests and that we can prove without a doubt that the teams are actually doing what they say and delivering the goods. BitCash (BITC) updates its community’s via a transparency medium page, which can be viewed at any time by anyone by simply visiting the website.

Here you will find that not only has the BitCash team been working extremely hard over the last 14 months none stop! But that they are delivering on average far more progress than any other low cap project in the form of updates, upgrades, added features, code, sponsorship acquisitions, partnerships, news/announcements, interviews, merchandise, marketing, exchange applications, and hard forks ….. we could continue this list incessantly, but instead, we will give you a shortlist of what HAS been done over the last 2 weeks and what is to come in the next 2 months! So people can truly perceive the scale and activity (proof of work), which will inevitably lead to interest from serious investors and ultimately mass adoption. Once again this project has a 300k market cap making it hugely undervalued and we believe once serious, educated investors truly see the value of this project, it will lead to a huge influx of interest and huge price gains across the board.

In the last two weeks, $BITC has delivered the following

- updated proof of review -

-Created a StreamTeam with a Twitch plugin -

-Integrated Gift Cards into our PeerQ site -

-Partnered with Blockchain Stuff for BitCash merchandise -

-Partnered with Physical Crypto Coins -

This week $BITC is delivering

- Hard Fork (X16RV2, price ranges for currency conversion, more privacy, more security)

- Redesign of PeerQ with more features and options

Over the next 3 months, $BITC is delivering

-Roadmap: Release of WordPress BitCash shopping plugin

- Work towards partnerships with eCommerce platforms

- Work towards partnerships with banking and/or accounting software

- BitCash integrated and accepted across online stores

- Import transactions into various accounting software such as Quickbooks and Xero

- Sponsoring online gamers / e-sports pros

- Sponsoring of blockchain conferences

We have spent many hours as a team researching, interviewing and collaborating to conclude that as shown above, the BitCash team, HAS, IS and WILL continue to provide huge amounts of work and effort, therefore we ARE completely satisfied and happy to continue to support this project, thank you.



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