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So far this user has had 69 non rejected responses to all of their posts, where they can select with multiple winners. The user paid for 66 of these responses so far. The user paid for 95.65% of the responses. The user rejected payment for 13 responses (15.85%).

Responses written:

this a cropped screenshot of someone elses post... please dont cheat

can you please refrain from faking your submissions, you're not following the directions at all.
Thank you perfectly done
Thank you for your post.
you didnt change the amount of Bitc you earned .. that is ok tho next time please read full directions
Thanks Luke Good Job
This is a duplicate posting I paid you for your other posting, Thank You
Great Job Ramil
Thank you and here is your 1st BITC from PeerQ !
Awesome Thank You Spyridon
please follow directions.
you didnt use any cash tags $BITC or #PeerQ and your post is too short. please read the instructions again and resubmit
I approved this one but next time please read the instructions it's a minimum of 15 words. If you could also put a little more effort in your post, thank you
is this a 2nd posting form another twitter account ?
to short please read the directions.
well done thank you for following directions
you have already submitted for this bounty.
well done thank you
please don't spam submission I will report you, you tried to claim this bounty 3 times... please don't do that
please dont create muilpte accounts to cheat on bounties, you will get banned. You have been warned.
this is your last warning to stop please don't create multiple accounts to resubmit the same Bounty.
This is for BIS coin. Not BITC please don't cheat again consider this your warning.
ok mistakes happen, just don't let it happen again, please. I'm 👀 you 🤓
Was asking for a retweet with a comment, but your always supporting Bitcash, So thank you.
what is this? you never follow the directions, I have warned you before. One more time and I will ban your account last warning
your Tweet mentions a completely different coin? Paccoin? ...
payments go directly to your web wallet here on PeerQ you can withdraw them to your main wallet if you like.
Thank you that's a great start please review the example again. I'm looking to have PeerQ compared to multiple Quora like sites, not just Quora. But that's a great start.
great job as mentioned above Im looking to have it compared to more than one quora like site, good start tho thank you
wow good job I might suggest you at least change the descriptions for each site, Im really looking at effort here as well.

you didnt leave a review.
the invite bot isnt giving me a leader board allow me to manually verify and get back to you guys
the invite bot isnt giving me a leader board allow me to manually verify and get back to you guys
image to small, cant verify your profile