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Crypto [Cpt]Kirk
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+12 days
13h 02m

We are looking to expand our reach to the Asain markets, and we need YOUR help!

If you are an Influencer with Mandarian/Asian following


You know someone who is, contact Kirk or Mach in the discord!
This could also be a forum owner, A... (more)
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+12 days 13h 02m


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+10 days
02h 35m

We're looking for a CA Leader (community activity) who would like to run fun activities with prizes and stuff to keep discord active and busy.

We ask everyone whos interested in volunteering to submit the following:

- A 'brief' resume of experi... (more)
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+10 days 02h 35m
by Crypto [Cpt]Kirk * 3 days ago * 1 response * Report

RickillerZ .
Networking Security Specialist

Go Go people!!
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+4 days
17h 40m

Ill pick a winner out in one week!
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+4 days 17h 40m
by Crypto [Cpt]Kirk * 5 days ago * 7 responses * Report

There is only one true star trek captain: Jean Luc Picard

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