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So far this user has had 181 non rejected responses to all of their posts, where they can select with multiple winners. The user paid for 181 of these responses so far. The user paid for 100% of the responses. The user rejected payment for 50 responses (21.65%).

Responses written:

Great answer!
My favorite answer so far.
Okay, your new answer is my new favorite.
Thank you💪
Thank you very much👍
this is the same foto as from another response
The task was to post something about my PDF Editor on Twitter to promote my CAD-KAS PDF Editor
I could not open that link
I like that idea.
Love it!
To post it one time is really enough for every user.
Cool. Thank you.
Thank you very much!
Sorry, but this is the wrong tiktok user. The username is @dodi8309. Look at the other screenshot
Thank you!
I mean actually your own website, not facebook.
I mean actually your own website, not facebook.
Thank you very much!!!!
Thank you very much!
Awesome! Thank you so much!
Very cool! Thank you!
I can not see which vote number you have voted on. Also no vote number is missing, the other users included all the numbers.
Okay, very cool!
The challange was to follow the user on TikTok.