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Austin O
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Does the web wallet currently offer a way to transfer BITC to BITC Dollars? I can't seem to find it if there is. Thanks! (No bounty, just question)
No bounty
by Austin O * 20 days ago * 1 response * Report

Crypto [Cpt]Kirk
Star Fleet Assistance

Yes you can, althought the UI can be better and well work on that

Go to send tab, click dollar, then send to


Try a 1 coin test, then go for it ;)
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10 BitCash


Just retweet this tweet and earn 10 BITC! Only the first person to do so will be rewarded. Here is the tweet:

Respond with a screenshot for proof. Thanks!
Earn up to 10 BitCash
by Austin O * 27 days ago * 4 responses * Report

Here you go.

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