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+6 days
04h 46m

Create a Steemit blog (minimum 300 words) about BitCash and PeerQ and post it from your Steemit account. The content can just be your personal views on BitCash and PeerQ. What you like about them, what you dislike, how to use the wallet, any thing yo... (more)
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+6 days 04h 46m
by TheLast Don * 3 days ago * 2 responses * Report

here is that. I tried to write my personal views with my personal words. hope you like and some people can see my post to interest that project

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10 BitCash

+24 days
18h 52m

Post something about BitCash and/or PeerQ on Facebook and send a screenshot of your post or send a link to your post if the post is visible for everybody.

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+24 days 18h 52m

Done 👽

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2000 BitCash


Create a 3-6 minute YouTube video in Russian that goes through and explains viewers all about PeerQ (Please go through and show viewers how to sign up and use PeerQ.

You must have over 10k subscribers!
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by TheLast Don * 14 days ago * 0 responses * Report