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Team Member, Head Programmer: Manage, Code and Release (MCR) a new reference Cryptonight coin, blockchain via Github

Team Member, Head Programmer: Actual bounty is 25000 BITC (recently more than doubled the amount...) plus 50% of total founders coins which will be extremely limited given the open source nature of the project. These coins are expected to fuel growth into a variety of different segments all via this one starting point, or CryptoNote technology. Installment payments are a possibility if you need time to develop but rather a consistent income from the bounty. A lump sum is also possible as long as you don't "run off," so we can make sure everything works.

Manage, Code and Release (MCR) a new reference Cryptonight coin and blockchain via Github (feel free to pull from other repos,) in support of the original algorithm. Coordinate with team members via online chat regarding specifications and other information; release a basic explorer, simple and clean website (hosting will be provided, plus you'll automatically receive a massive 50% of total founders coins in support of additional growth, which will not be more than 7% of the total.) We are currently planning for an optimized, smaller amount of coins outstanding. We are currently planning for a variety of listings on both DEX and popular centralized exchanges to coincide with the release and our multi-pronged digital-marketing strategy. We also envision multiple avenues for obtaining potential growth capital in future if and when necessary. You are required to release basic Windows/Linux wallets. Again, feel free to use other repositories to your advantage here. Someone that knows what they are doing can have this up and going in a rudimentary manner in a matter of hours. Be willing but not necessarily required to add small new features or tweak code in a minor supportive fashion in the beginning; be available later on if possible for additional bounties in support of expanding and expounding upon the original CryptoNight algorithm reference coin, Names being discussed but not yet decided, will likely be named in accordance with a reference coin. Over time, our limited team plans to add numerous additional features in support of CryptoNote and the original cryptonight algorithm. 

Apply within! Just make a shell github repo and/or contact us! Make a post if interested!

Earn up to 1 BitCash ($0.02)
+13 days 05h 17m
Earn up to 1 BitCash ($0.02)
+13 days 05h 17m
by Robert Wolfdorf (100%) * 17 days ago * Report
The rules: One winner will be selected at the end of the contest.
Robert Wolfdorf can upvote for one response to select the winner. Otherwise the response with the most community upvotes wins. If there are multiple responses with the same number of upvotes, each of the responses gets an equal share of the reward. The reward will be paid at the end of the contest.

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where is more information about this position located?

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Double posts are just another thing that need to be fixed on this shit- the server is wayy too slow to even handle the traffic. 

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Position is still open he has not contacted yet 

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mahof mahof
crypto mining


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Why did you respond "Done" and then not contact us?

This isn't a joke.

Please respect others posts. We need moderates on this website.
* 15 days ago * Report

Done? Contact me and we setup instant messaging.
* 16 days ago * Report