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Restore Bitcash Wallet

I made a bitcash wallet on my PC and saved the private key. At this point I made a Nickname. Then I decided I wanted another Nickname and deleted everything except the large blockchain & smaller chainstate files (sorry, I forget the two names, it's late) in ..Appdata/Roaming/Bitcash 

So is there a command in to easily restore things just using the private key I saved? Thanks for your support. I've just found BITC on Tradeogre and think it's staggeringly cool!!!

Earn up to 10 BitCash ($0.06)
Earn up to 10 BitCash ($0.06)
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Your private key is now linked to your nickname forever. If you import the private key, then you can use the nickname to receive BitCash. However the GUI only displays the wallet for the first private key.

You can go to Help/Debug/Console and use validateaddress <yournickname> 

It should display ismine: true if you have imported the private key.

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Отлично, когда все заранее продумано, и сделано, с возможностью предотвратить ошибки , пользователей. 

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