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Is anyone else as apprehensive about Facebook's Libra coin as I am?

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by Brandon Perryman * 1 year ago * Report

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crypto mach
BitCash Bull

I think it could be a good thing for crypto. The more lay people that start fiddling around with Libra the more likely those same people will start getting into crypto...Libra has the potential to bring in a lot of new blood into the crypto sphere
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I can see where you're coming from with that mindset. My apprehension is more about the fact that crypto is best when it's community regulated (imho) and the first experience a lot of these people are going to have with crypto will be on a website that still won't put a "dislike" button on posts because MZ unilaterally decided that's not what Facebook should be about.
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Austin O
Crypto Enthusiast

I think it'll help push cryptocurrency into the limelight more. 99.9% of people still don't know how to buy bitcoin, so they brush it aside as some silly internet money. Once they can start seeing using crypto and seeing how useful it is, that will help branch people out into other projects.
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