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Investment Advise

Which coin/token project will you recommend for a crypto newbie to invest in and hodl for 2yrs?

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by Israel Bolaji * 8 months ago * Report

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7 Responses

For a newbie, I would invest in Bitcoin for a first trade.
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Eu recomendo o BitCash. Por acreditar que essa moeda ira se valorizar muito a curto prazo.
* 2 months ago * Report

Not to be cocky but I truly think my recommendation is the best. Let me explain:

Currently, at it's low price it has a 48% ROI since being listed on CoinMarketCap. This was over 100% earlier this year. It was the #1 performing currency of 2018. I was mining it from the beginning and it's gone up considerably. However: it's seen a gigantic increase in momentum, development, interest from enterprise-like customers and it has the financial backing of CEO whom also recently started what is supposed to be a hugely popular exchange if not now then very soon. He has real investment in RVNCoin as well and has stated it will be used on the exchange. Whether it is used or not is not the investment thesis. You'll have to read more about it, look at the chart and decide for yourself. I had 35K in Bitcoin when it was at $225. I was mining Bitcoin when it was less than $0.50c and have been mining RVN for the past year or two since it's been out. The price has gone up considerably but it will only continue to increase in my opinion.

Of particular note, it has some 15-25-30K unique miners depending on the day (and uses RVN's own X16R algo, an algorithm that some other coins now also use since it's pretty good. For instance, BitCash uses it.) and that can't easily be ASIC'd like BitCoin was (enabling miners to inflate the amount of coins through mining very fast) although you can buy a very expensive card called an FPGA miner for 3.6K-5.5K each and make a pretty good return mining RVN. It should not be an issue to the quantity, however.

Perhaps most importantly of note, pretty soon the amount of RVN released to miners per block changes from 5K to 2.5K. Obviously, since the price has been going up even with a lot of inflation with 5K coins... the reduction to 2.5K will make a huge difference and the price will go up considerably. Also, the price is pretty low right now at under 350 satoshi each, especially if you already had BitCoin before it's most recent run-up in price. Even if you didn't though, it's not like you're going to get an even better price most likely. Anything form 300-360 satoshi per RVN is just fine.

Click here to see more live info about RVN and you can even see the expected time til' the halving block to 2500 per miner vs the current 5000.
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Ravencoin, hands down.
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Crypto [Cpt]Kirk
Star Fleet Assistance

Bitcoin would be smart but if youre looking to take a little more risk with some potential for 5x-10 returns look at top 20 majors alts.

Big fan of $tomo if you wanna 100x tho ;P
* 8 months ago * Report

crypto mach
BitCash Bull

Easy, I would always recommend BitCash to a crypto newbie. Afterall, BitCash is designed for the masses. The BitCash wallet is super easy for a newbie to install, use, mine, create nick name etc.
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Id recommend NLC2 It can give you 10x to 20x easily
* 3 months ago * Report

I'd recommend bitcash and vrsc(verus coin). Just wait patiently.👍

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For a newbie, I would invest in Bitcoin for a first trade.

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Bitcoin Dex

What's BitCash Future Prediction?

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge*, Tron, Bitcash(BITC)!
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I would consider EOS, TRON, LISK, CARDANO and ofcourse BTC
* 5 months ago * Report

Bitcoin is always the obvious. any portfoolio should contain 50-60% bitcoin. Then a few others I would suggest currently are bitcash grin Casinocoin(CSC) Binance(BNB)
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