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Which coin/token project will you recommend for a crypto newbie to invest in and hodl for 2yrs?

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by Israel Bolaji * 27 days ago * Report

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2 Responses

For a newbie, I would invest in Bitcoin for a first trade.
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Crypto [Cpt]Kirk
Star Fleet Assistance

Bitcoin would be smart but if youre looking to take a little more risk with some potential for 5x-10 returns look at top 20 majors alts.

Big fan of $tomo if you wanna 100x tho ;P
* 26 days ago * Report

crypto mach
BitCash Bull

Easy, I would always recommend BitCash to a crypto newbie. Afterall, BitCash is designed for the masses. The BitCash wallet is super easy for a newbie to install, use, mine, create nick name etc.
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