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How will you explain cryptocyrrency to a newbie in simple words?

Hey, I recently started learning about crypto currency. So I've learnt a lot but if I need to explain to my friend it'd bit challenging as I do not have complete knowledge on this. How can I enlighten him in simple words? Your valuable comments are appreciated 👍

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by Akshay Crasta * 10 months ago * Report

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It's crazy how quickly an explanation of cryptocurrency can get long-winded, and difficult to understand.

Here is a site that does a good job of simply explaining it:

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very simple, free governments cannot take their money, via inflation or via judicial means. not to mention that everything will be on the blockchain in the near future. This is out of that market and out of the futurje.
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Hey, Blockgeeks did some good explainer videos on Youtube. You can learn how to explain it there, or show the videos to your friend. 

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I really want to learn how do o go about it
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