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Asian influencer contacts

We are looking to expand our reach to the Asain markets, and we need YOUR help!

If you are an Influencer with Mandarian/Asian following


You know someone who is, contact Kirk or Mach in the discord!
This could also be a forum owner, Asain discord/telegram server owner, anyone with substaitail reach via media

100 bitcash will be awarded as a 'finders fee' to whomever puts us in touch reputable Asain contacts!

Earn up to 100 BitCash ($3.19)
Earn up to 100 BitCash ($3.19)
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if you want to get attracted to the asian community, try getting listed in small small asian exchanges like, idax(optional) (they charge 0.5 to 1btc for listing) will get lot of chinese and korean attraction by themselves..In crypto we got to attract the investor but not by pulling their legs but by attraction....
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